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  • What is PriceActionlive.com?

    PriceActionLive.com providing incomparable services around the globe for more than twenty years. We feel pride in introducing our intraday version where our dedicated and most experienced team consisted of best traders from around the world will be precisely providing (Limited Slots) Direct Copy Trade Service and Long Term Price Action Signals to our members with Stop Loss, Breakeven, Partial Close and Take profits. 

  • How Many Pairs and How Many Trades in A day?

    Our Team Normally Focuses on 5 to 6 currency pairs including Gold and major currencies, Cross pair and crypto as well.,on Intraday Basis which traded on All Direct Copy Accounts. Our Team Normally Focuses on 25 to 30 currency with Gold & Oil pairs for Price Action But Intraday Signals. Signals also depend on various aspects including News and Market, whereas on average, we provide or trade only 3 to 7 signals a week accordingly for best risk reward.

  • What is in Members Area?

    In Members you will find our Advance Risk Management Formula, Advance Entry techniques with our worlds best Tools with the help of that you can easily trade and get maximum benefits out of our signal services, which is also provided in members Area. (this is only for those who want to do trading by own) for living.

  • How much is the membership fee for Intraday and Long Term Price Action Signals and how can I pay?

    Currently our monthly membership fee for Long Term Price Action Signal is only $5000, and you can pay via different methods like Skrill/Neteller, Bitcoin and Local Bank Transfer.  There is no auto payment you have to pay manually after a month. (this servcice slots are full).

  • How much is the Direct Copy Trade Charges and how can I pay?

    Currently we are offering Direct Copy Trade Service for any broker Mt4 or Mt5 with just one time setup fee $500 and 40% Share form the Profit on weekly basis (minium account balance $25000). There is no setup fee on account of $100,000. you can pay via different methods like Skrill , Neteller, Bitcoin and Local Bank Transfer.

  • How Can I subscribe for membership (Copy Trading) Services?

    Visit on Following Link, fill up your Price Action Signals monthly subscription form and submit. You will get further instructions by email.


  • How do I receive signals and notifications?

    We send our signals in to our member’s area, or their Facebook, Whatsapp, Email, and also in Sms if required. (our signal Service App ISO & Andriod is in process.)

  • What if I share or Sell priceactionlive.com’s signals?

    Under “NO” circumstances you are allowed to sell or share our signals or any information with anyone. This is a fair deal policy and you are considered as agreed, once you are registered for our services. Yet the harder we work for our signals, the harder we would strive to protect them against any sort of piracy, and expect your cooperation.

  • What if have any other Question before subscribing our services?

    You are more than welcome; you can contact us here with your question. You will get your reply as soon as possible. You can also contact us on Skype or Whatsapp etc. you can contact us on live chat during working hours.

For general inquiries please contact support@priceactionlive.com

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