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Pro Day Trading Strategy

A simple and summarize meaning of a Professional Forex Trader is A trader who doing trade for a living.
We built this platform for those who really want to become a professional forex trader. This is not for beginners, beginners can join us after a basic study course. We provide here all the logical and practical education. we only teach what we do in the live market on daily basis since decades. we provide our professional tools to our students which we made after the spending of thousands of hours on screens which will make all easy for you. If you want to become a real professional trader you have to join a professional environment.

Diligent Intraday Analysis

We will teach how to Trade in 5-minute Time Frame but with the Daily Bias. which is a core skill for a pro trader who must be expert in it.

Pro Tools

Our custom-made pro trading tools for Mt4/Mt5/TV, which cost us more than $50,000. its free for life time for our students it will help them to reach their targets.

Authentic Sure & Short Course

Yes, Only Logical 1 hour Video Course. no this and that. Our Intraday Strategy which works on every symbol in every condition from Monday to Friday, News Day, or No News, doesn’t matter.

Specialized Intraday Risk Management

Our specialized Risk Management strategies which only make for Intraday trading. You can archive in a day what swing traders get in a month. based on low-risk high reward.

Pro Trading Manners

We help to build a pro mindset as well, who have no fear, full with confidence and focused on logics. we teach when to trade what to trade. no stuck yourself in Market Maker's traps.


We Helped our lots of students to get their targets. they are now working as Professional Trader, in prop firms, Hedge Funds and earning profits for them as well for their clients.

Members Area
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This is the most important facility for the new members for lifetime, All the pro traders stay live together during the day and share their charts, Analysis But strictly only our strategy based. no confusion for anyone. This will help you to learn in the live market on daily basis till you get your expertise in it.

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